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What you feed your dog is just as important as when you feed it to them. That’s why we take a holistic approach to pet nutrition. Our foods and treats combine functional nutrients and superfoods with natural, whole food ingredients to optimize each meal from breakfast to dinner. 

Every Mo’ Greens recipe delivers the nutrition your pet needs, when they need it. Adhering to our four core principles, each recipe is expert-formulated and vet-approved, exceeding strict AAFCO standards. And of course, since we use real, whole foods, each delicious Mo’ Greens recipe is trusted by pet parents, and loved by their pets.

Natural ingredients, pure and simple.

We use only natural ingredients, for delicious flavour and clean nutrition. No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Ever.

A Holistic view to pet nutrition.

Like us, what our dogs eat is just as important as when they eat it. That’s why all Mo’ Greens foods and treats are specifically formulated for optimized time of day feeding. What they need, when they need it.

Wholesome, real ingredients and functional superfoods.

Real whole foods are at the core of a healthy diet. That’s why we combine whole ingredients with functional, nutritionally packed superfoods to provide optimal nutrition for your best friend.

Sustainable ethos, locally made and ethically sourced.

Sustainability is at the core of all we do. We strive to use only local, environmentally-friendly and ethically-sourced ingredients in all Mo’ Greens recipes. A sustainable future requires a sustainable present: it’s what guides all that we do.

Rebecca, Toronto"Kept coming back for more"
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I got these for training since they're small, and my dog has loved them ever since! Now I have to bring some on our walk each morning
Jon, Guelph"Calm is AMAZING"
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My huskies are definitely an energetic duo, and with all these lockdowns, they've been extra anxious. I started giving them a few calm treats each night and it really helps, it's made a huge difference
Alison, Hamilton"My old guy loves these"
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My retriever definitely isn't a puppy anymore, but hasn't missed a step on our weekend hikes since I started giving him these Longevity treats. Plus they smell SO YUMMY! As soon as I open the bag he runs over, tail wagging, thanks!!
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